Pennsylvania State University find Climategate not serious for Mann….

OK, so this study also focusses specifically on Michael Mann. However, the UK’s parliament is also conducting an investigation into Climategate which will be released in March.

Pennsylvania State University announced it would review the work of Michael Mann, in particular looking at anything that had not already been addressed in an earlier National Academy of Sciences review which had found some faults with his methodology but agreed with the results.[73][74][75] In response, Mann said he would welcome the review.[75] As a result of the inquiry, the investigatory committee determined there was no credible evidence Mann suppressed or falsified data, destroyed email, information and/or data related to AR4, or misused privileged or confidential information. However, the committee was unsure if Mann operated within the accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research or other scholarly activities, and a such, referred that charge to an investigatory committee of faculty members.[76]

via Climatic Research Unit hacking incident – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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