Update to REZONE page

This is ridiculous… I’m in the middle of packing to go away for the weekend and then can’t even hang up the washing without hearing something on a podcast that I absolutely have to add to one of my summary pages! I was listening to Robyn Williams on the ABC’s Science Show discussing a medical issue: how many friends we have and how deep our involvement with local community can affect our memory and general well being and health.

Then came the clincher line that absolutely sealed the deal and put it permanently on my “REZONE” and New Urbanism page! They started discussing how architecture and town design could influence community, and therefore, our mental and physical health! So I added the following to my REZONE page…

Attractive and community nurturing

James Howard Kunstler presented to TED (2004) the importance of attractively designed public squares that both facilitate local business and become part of the social fabric of the local community. But this is not just some longing for yesteryear, but meets a profound and measurable aspect of our own mental health, our access to local friends and community! This Science Show episode from 12th December 2009 discusses the importance of friendships. Apparently being an active part of a community to increase your own memory by 10%, decrease many risk factors to your health, and they even discussed the importance of the right kinds of architecture and town plan to increase person to person community contact as an automatic part of our lives.

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2 Responses to Update to REZONE page

  1. pyrotex says:

    Rezone for mental health! Yeah!
    I remember my college days at Mississippi State University. There were several venues where we students could sit, study, hang out, play a guitar, meet friends and play bridge. It was such a relaxing and motivating environment.
    Now, working down at JSC in Houston, TX, I have lots of friends–but ONLY in the workplace. We don’t meet elsewhere. I don’t run into old friends–unless I travel to where they work. When I change jobs, I lose most of my friends. There is no “commons” where I can run into friends, make new friends, or chase up a friendly game of bridge.
    I have recurring bouts of depression.
    My counsilor tells me that it’s caused by the lack of companionship, open conversation and friendly encounters, and that 90% of his male clients all have the same problem.

  2. eclipsenow says:

    Thanks for sharing all that. Yes, alienation in the modern world is a very real phenomenon caused by a number of things, such as the mobility required by the modern workforce. EG: Work here for 5 years, then uproot your family and work over there for 5 years, etc.

    Add in the fact that we have to drive everywhere, just to pick up the milk or take the kids to school, and you have a society designed NOT to make friends in a casual, regular way. It is a real problem that I studied briefly back when I did my Social Work Diploma.

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