Pyxidis supernovae not the end of the world… yet.

The concluding paragraph indicates that we may just have time to get through global warming and peak oil first before our great grandchildren start the trip into space to build some giant “sun-shades” around the earth. 😉

It sounds scary stuff. And the astronomers’ news release suggest it will happen “soon”. But I contacted the lead researcher, Dr Ed Sion, and he told me: “At the accretion rate we derived, the white dwarf in T Pyxidis will reach the Chandrasekhar Limit in ten million years. I hope this alleviates any worry by readers.”

Also relevant is a question by one of the commentators:

How can the Chandrasekhar limit ever be reached,if smaller novas keep blowing the material off every 20 years or so?

Supernova star too close for comfort: Scientific American.

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