AGW & Anti-Christ meme hits Sydney Anglicans

There’s an interesting discussion on Sydney Anglicans about the abject failure of Copenhagen to deal with climate change and mitigate the risks to the poor. And then the fruitbats come out and start showing their true colours. It will be interesting to see how the moderators handle some of the more ‘out there’ comments. Check this out… apparently Global Warming is all a conspiracy by which the anti-Christ is going to implement his rule of the world! Where do these people come from?

Graeme Bell 2 days, 2 hours ago

As Christians you should not even consider that copenhagan is necessary. If you believe in God and you believe that God made the world then you cannot believe that man can influence the climate.

you can believe in the new world order and their one world government and one world religion with satan as its head or you can have faith in God. the 2 are incompatible. And if you believe in Jesus you should listen to him when he told you in luke10:18

Aluwaloo mattaraw satan yawrad ab-ad-do BAWRAK ale-law O BAMAH

HIS WORDS which you pick and choose which to follow and listen toAsk why did rudd and co tell you copenhagan was necessary then at the last minute they did an about turn.Why?Who is the circle of committment?who are they committed to?What is their real agenda?

via Copenhagen limps to a ‘cowardly’ end | Australian politics |

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