Uni of Newcastle: Peak coal 2010-2048?

Wow, wikipedia is great! The way you can go back to an old wiki to see how that subject is going and find a whole new study! I’ll have to add this to my summary energy pages…

The estimates for global peak coal production vary wildly. Many coal associations suggest the peak could occur in 200 years or more, while scholarly estimates predict the peak to occur as early as 2010. Research in 2009 by the University of Newcastle in Australia concluded that global coal production could peak sometime between 2010 and 2048.[3] Global coal reserve data is generally of poor quality and is often biased towards the high side. Collective projections generally predict that global peak coal production may occur sometime around 2025 at 30 percent above current production in the best case scenario, depending on future coal production rates.[4][5]

via Peak coal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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