Climategate yet again

This one’s great. Particularly effective is the tracing of the word “trick” through scientific papers.

I also liked the way he demonstrates the ‘travesty’ email as not being some secret, in-house admission that it is just so wrong that climate science can’t explain something, but was actually an email to colleagues about a public paper he had already published. And what couldn’t he explain? Well the overall theory of global warming is correct, but there are times when the particular energy flows through the system are difficult to trace.Science is studying one of the most complex and dynamic systems that exists, and tracing exactly where all the heat goes and why and when is difficult.

But the main point he makes that I really love is that if this was a conspiracy, it is a particular badly run conspiracy because the main emails in question refer to public documents that the author themselves published.

Lastly, as an artistic note, I loved his build up and melodrama quoting the “conspiracy bloggers” and “McExperts”.

Enjoy… and if you like his work, leave a comment thanking him.

YouTube – 6. Climate Change — Those hacked e-mails.

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