Global warming as a ‘belief system’.

The irony here is that Denialists accuse the general public of ‘believing in’ global warming despite the evidence, when the peer-reviewed climatologists are the only ones with the evidence and the Denialists are spinning science fiction stories about a world-wide conspiracy to defraud the public. I tend to be allergic to most conspiracy theories unless very, very well founded in clear documented cases in the public domain, which Climategate isn’t and Exxon funding the Denial Machine is!

So I ask you, who has the faith? Those of us that accept the science in peer reviewed magazines, or those who concoct massive tales of a worldwide conspiracy that rival anything in a Dan Brown novel! Now that’s faith!

In the meantime I find myself agreeing with the Economist over the exaggerated tales being spun about “Climategate”.

The inquiries into the “climategate” e-mails and files may find that some of the researchers fell short of the standards of their calling, or that some of the science in question does not stand up as well as its authors would wish. To think that all action on climate change should cease pending such inquiries, though, is foolish, cynical or both.

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