Limits? Marketplace and industry work around them…

OK, so if I ran the world I would immediately enact all the programs listed in my Solutions Summary pages. Please don’t take this as a bold statement that I somehow believe the lie of the right wing, that their twin ‘gods’ of Technology and The Marketplace will always solve the problems imposed by limits.

I am a peaknik and am very concerned about the suddenness of resource depletion issues and how they might impact on us because of society’s general ignorance about these matters. This world is final, and at some stage soon will be “full” of people.

However, I remain a peaknik optimist, which is to say that I have the sunny disposition of believing we’ll ‘only’ see a Greater Depression lasting a decade or so because of peak oil. I’m not a doomer, let alone an Apocalyptic Outsider.

Now to the point:

For a while I have been concerned about peak metals, especially peak lithium which we are going to need in plentiful supply after the oil peaks.

Imagine if they could build batteries out of sand?

“While lithium-ion batteries offer better performance than lead-acid or ni-cad batteries, the supply of lithium is limited and the batteries can pose problems. Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute are building a better battery with easily obtainable sand and air.”

Slashdot Hardware Story | Silicon As the New Lithium.

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