Simpol grooves the planet!

OK, so what to do in the face of these GovCorp thugs that we just can’t trust to actually do anything about climate change at Copenhagen?

think global, VOTE local!

Yep, you can make your local vote work towards a global democratic agreement through the careful targeting of vulnerable seats in your country, creating a global tipping point in the right direction. It’s SIMPLE, well, SIM-POL, and it stands for a Simultaneous Policy agreement that every politician can agree to in their ideals, and will never have to do anything… until every other politician finally agrees…. which could actually happen when Simpol holds the balance of power seats in most countries.

No they are not a political party, but they are successfully recruiting politicians from across the whole political spectrum.

YouTube – Simpol Mobile Musical Street Stall, G20 Meetings/Protests London, 2009.

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