Building Global Democracy: website and conference at Cairo

Another group of idealistic dreamers! I like it. If we had a Global Democracy with internationally binding legislation, we’d actually have some outcomes on climate change, unlike the farce I’m guessing Copenhagen will be. Imagine a Global Federation with internationally applicable legislation. Imagine the world coming together to deal with common problems, preventing wars, freeing up some of that military money! According to Professor Ian Lowe of the ACF just 5% of the world’s military budget would give everyone on earth adequate nutrition, fresh water, ‘shelter’ (read: NOT McMansions), education, medical and family planning assistance. In other words just 5% freed up to good aid programs would meet all human needs and solve over-population by encouraging the “Demographic Transition” in the 3rd and developing worlds.

No wonder people are dreaming of world government. And climate Denialist Christopher Monckton thinks such a world government is “Communist” and something to be frightened of, when it could actually lead to the goal of every beauty pageant, “World peace”.

Building Global Democracy

Welcome to the Building Global Democracy programme home page. The Building Global Democracy programme (BGD) explores how globalization can be governed in democratic ways. Today’s world faces many global challenges: in culture, economics, environment, politics and society. To handle global problems effectively and legitimately, they need to be handled democratically. The Building Global Democracy programme asks how this can be done.

The Building Global Democracy programme involves academics, civil society groups and officials from around the world. This website provides information about the programme, its activities and its outputs. We hope that you will be interested to follow – and contribute to – the BGD journey. To receive periodic updates please sign up for our Newsletter on the left, and/or join us by filling in our Registration form.

Other News

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Can There Be Global Democracy?

BGD will be hosting a public seminar on Conceptualising Global Democracy on 9th December 2009 at 18:00 at Cairo University. Join us if you can as everyone is welcome.

via Building Global Democracy.

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2 Responses to Building Global Democracy: website and conference at Cairo

  1. sandman79 says:

    Check out this article on global democracy and copenhagen:

  2. eclipsenow says:

    I totally agree! What an article.


    “But it’s not just the climate that would benefit from a democratic world. It would change the way we deal with everything from poverty to war. Extreme poverty would not be a photo shoot for a charity campaign, but a real electoral issue. Labour rights would no longer be circumvented by exporting production to foreign sweatshops. Financiers could no longer deflect regulation with the threat of moving capital elsewhere. Freedom of movement would no longer be a selective term. The legality of war would not be decided by the world’s biggest arms traders.”

    The only area I disagreed was the slightly superior ending… so I left the following comment.

    I totally agree with the sentiments in the article except the last paragraph lost me.

    “So we all have a choice: we can tweet-bleat in the background while other people make decisions for us, or we can take a stand for democracy, real democracy, from the local to the global level. We choose the latter – that’s the message we’re taking to the streets of Copenhagen.”

    What’s the difference between tweet-bleating about climate idealism and global governance idealism unless you have a strategy for achieving global governance? If you don’t have an effective strategy, you’ll be tweet-bleating just like the rest of us.

    So this is where I wish ALL world democracy movements (and climate movements and social justice movements and save the whales movements and save biodiversity movements and alleviate poverty movements) would join the Simpol strategy today! This is a demonstrated pattern and worldwide strategy for using my local domestic vote to gradually impact on world matters.

    See Simpol today.

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