Mightychurch.com founder nails the “climate cover up” scandal

Luke Stevens of Mightychurch.com forum had such a good rant that I just had to copy it here.

I’ve been watching the ‘controversy’ develop over the last week or so, and I have to say, it’s pretty dispiriting. Not because a global leftist conspiracy as been unearthed, but because of the renewed enthusiasm of the sceptics to shoot first, and ask questions later. It’s saddening to see how little hey understand, and how little they want to understand.

There’s a couple of posts here that look at a couple of the accusations: http://allegationaudit.blogspot.com

There’s a couple of reasonable posts here:
Scientific American: Climate change cover-up? You better believe it
OpenDemocracy: The real scandal in the hacked climate change e-mails controversy

Personally, I think I’m going to stop referring to the sceptics as sceptics, but rather conspiracy theorists. There’s nothing sceptical about the sceptics (and that’s nothing new) – but the wild political conspiracies people are so quick to believe in, and anything that looks vaguely like evidence for the conspiracy instantly becomes not just a smoking gun, but ‘the mushroom cloud’.

These are clearly irony-deficient people. They claim AGW is a religion for true believes, yet they believe in crazy, global conspiracies on scant evidence. There’s still no scientific counter to AGW, there’s not even a desire to understand the issue, or examine the new ‘controversy’ in any depth.

But then again, these are the people that gave us Iraq’s WMDs, so I guess a desire for understanding is not a high priority.

This provoked my following sympathy rant, which is not some of my best writing but is my latest summary of big-picture thinking on the situation.

I totally agree! The sheer IRONY of all these guys going on about ‘buying the religion of global warming’ when they’re selling the religion of the largest, most successful conspiracy theory in human history! It leaves me scratching my head in bewilderment. Where does all their so called “scepticism” go when they buy the lie that there is a huge scientific debate over global warming? (There isn’t one legitimate scientific institute on planet earth that disputes global warming any more).

Where does all their so called “scepticism” go when they buy Ian Plimer’s line that it is all a conspiracy by climatologists just wanting to hang onto their day jobs? Don’t these “sceptical” people ever consider that a young, self-centred, career orientated climatologist would make HISTORY by being THE guy who legitimately proved climate science wrong in the peer reviewed literature?

And what do they do with all the mounting evidence? How do they disprove the sheer, basic, demonstrable lab-based repeatable scientific TESTS that Co2 actually DOES block a certain wavelength of heat from passing through the CO2 layer? What do they do about the Radiative Forcing Equation that measures the quantities of Co2 and calculates the retained energy in Watts / m2? What do they do about the melting glaciers and retreating Arctic ice sheets and retreating snow-packs and dying Canadian forests (due to the absence of real winters)  and methane leaking peat-bogs etc?

Yet Luke, the amazing thing this week is Tony Abbott and friends actually resigning over this! So it’s not a joke to them, they are ‘true believers’ in the GREATEST CONSPIRACY in human history! Wow. Sacrificing their political careers over this. It’s truly mind-blowingly STUPID.

I can’t see any of the current so called CPRS / ETS having any impact on our Co2 emissions anyway. The latest science is saying we have 5 to 10 years to bring emissions down to levels that natural systems can start to absorb, or the decision to lower Co2 emissions may be taken out of our hands when natural feedback loops take over. Some of these potential methane emissions are so large they dwarf our own petty emission levels, and would shift our planet into a new climate state that we have not seen since the higher volcanic activity levels of the dinosaur era. If that happens, billions could die as agriculture fails across large areas of the globe. It’s already possible as the Asian glaciers retreat. It’s already starting, so only if we take action right now can we prevent it.

But we won’t. They are already softening our expectations of any deals from Cophenhagen. Expect more talk-fests everyone!

No wonder the sceptics retreat behind a ready-made, fossil fuel funded fantasy, a protective wall of cognitive dissonance, a creative writing world-view of worldwide conspiracies. Some psychologies are just not prepared to think of such scenarios.

Yet again, God-willing some of our geo-engineering schemes might save us if things get really bad. Biochar can suck down Co2 from the atmosphere, a war-time effort could see the world off fossil fuels in 15 to 20 years, new economics around more localised city plans could become more fashionable and profitable as the peak oil, peak water, peak everything scenarios come crashing down on us. We might totally re-design design itself, and learn to live in a renewable energy powered economy where all our goods and services come from infinitely recycled and recyclable materials. That is the goal, and anything less is unfair on future generations.

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