“Global governance” we must avoid!

Here is a suggestion I’m not that happy with.

George Soros  Wants Global Governance Under UN Security Council

World markets need global governance. Their regulation, which is currently too bogged down, has its roots in national sovereignty. We should be adopting a new system of control, which would simultaneously satisfy the interests of all countries. The system can then decide which of the financial organizations become too large and require a division, there must also be new rules to control the movement of capital ,  said Soros.

In addition, he said, the new system should be part of the UN, and
especially the Security Council, so that you can also control processes such as global warming and the global nuclear threat. The creation of this system must be initiated by the United States, but other major countries should enter into it on an equal footing,  he concluded.

Full article at http://www.opednews.com/populum/linkframe.php?linkid=100794

No thanks! I don’t want un-elected diplomats doing deals behind closed doors.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d be delighted if nations started coming together in a real and concerted effort to fight global warming and crazy capital flows and ‘funny money’ games by hedge funds. Maybe this UN proposal is the way to start this off. But don’t underestimate the struggle to get a UN world government to become more transparent and accountable to us citizens of the world! Just imagine the temptation to cling to all that power without inconvenient mechanisms like elections!

We need something a bit more like the EU, with an increasingly open, democratic, and ultimately accountable system of governance that in some form or other answers to the citizens of this world. We already have far too many large decisions being made by the likes of the IMF, World bank, and Security council and we don’t get to vote on any of these issues! That is absolutely NOT what global governance is about.

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