Guardian: Whistleblower on IEA fudging oil figures

Ha! It’s just so boring and mainstream now. My guess is many will wake up one day and protest, “But nobody warned us, whine whine whine, poor little me and my stock market investments, this is worse than the GFC!” Diddums. Some of us tried, but got shouted down by those who thought they were more ‘well informed’.

Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower | Environment | The Guardian.

“Many inside the organisation believe that maintaining oil supplies at even 90m to 95m barrels a day would be impossible but there are fears that panic could spread on the financial markets if the figures were brought down further. And the Americans fear the end of oil supremacy because it would threaten their power over access to oil resources,” he added.

A second senior IEA source, who has now left but was also unwilling to give his name, said a key rule at the organisation was that it was “imperative not to anger the Americans” but the fact was that there was not as much oil in the world as had been admitted. “We have [already] entered the ‘peak oil’ zone. I think that the situation is really bad,” he added.



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