World driving licence would be on the right

According to futurist and political commentator Keith Sutor, 2/3rds of the planet drive on the right. For my future World Federal Government to install Worldwide consistent driving rules for a Global Citizen’s card or World Drivers Licence (or whatever you want to call it), Australia would probably have to change to the right!

If we ever adopted a world Federal Government model, where countries were more like States within a Federation (like a Giant EU), gradually more and more efficient systems of integration and co-operation and global standards could take place. English is already on the way to becoming the international language of problem solving and business, whatever your personal language at home (which will of course remain your own personal passion and life). Mathematical languages and Music are already fairly international. Changing America over from Imperial distances and weights to metric measurement would be an immense efficiency upgrade for the planet, but also quite a cultural shock to them I imagine.

Then a global currency would reveal certain inequities on an international basis. It would also be worth it in terms of simplifying the choices of so many national economic models. Monetary policy through interest rates would have less geopolitical issues attached to it as export competitiveness would no longer be affected by having a ‘higher dollar’ than the international competition. Real business efficiencies would offer the competitive advantage, rather than artificially raised or lowered currencies affecting your business against other businesses. Some have estimated that a global currency would save trillions in currency exchange costs each year!

Of course the REAL saving would be in our ability to significantly scale back the world’s military if the Earth were one global village through a Federal government. We could have more police and less military, which would also fund more doctors and nurses and teachers, and less bankers skimming off the top. A global Federal legal framework would allow a tighter and more efficient legal system internationally.

Indeed, according to Professor Ian Lowe of the ACF, just 5% of the world’s military budget would provide the whole world’s poor with clothing, fresh water, food and nutrition, education, health, housing, and family planning to address overpopulation.

Just 5% of what we spend on war. Surely at least that figure could be cut back if we Federated? When considering the benefits to a Global Federal Government and all the extra efficiencies that could come with that, over time, such as a global currency, global language, global metric system, global Departments of Health and Education and Welfare and Police, eventually changing a little thing such as which side of the road I drive on would be a small cost to pay. Remember, cities are always changing anyway, so why wouldn’t a WU (World Union) eventually push for globally consistent driving standards?

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