Gen4 nuclear power podcast

Hi all,

I’ve been reviewing a few posts at Brave New Climate on the sheer cost of renewable energy to replace our baseload generation… and I’m just trying to keep an open mind to all the possibilities. I had thought my renewable heroes had proved renewables could do it at a slightly more expensive price, but until I learn to run the numbers myself that might be in doubt.

Here’s an interview with Barry, a 50 minute podcast.

Backstory – Barry Brook on 4th Generation Nuclear Power «

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One Response to Gen4 nuclear power podcast

  1. onesalientoversight says:

    There’s a few things that I oppose about Nuclear Power.

    1) Does the total cost of running a nuclear plant include the cost of decommissioning it after decades of use? The Hanford Site (albeit an old one) has cost billions to clean up and the reactors are now permanently “entombed” in concrete.

    2) Once a nuclear power plant is built there is always the potential to use the available technology to produce weapons grade plutonium. Both Iran and North Korea have nuclear reactors and the latter has tested a bomb. If third-world and developing countries are to increase their generating power, would it not be better for that power to be generated from a source that doesn’t open up the potential for creating nuclear weapons?

    3) As Chernobyl and Three Mile Island have taught us, when things go wrong at Nuclear Power plants they go wrong spectacularly. Even with improved safety technology, can we really be certain that these plants are safe?

    4) I still think Geothermal is the way of the future. The technology is mature and all we need to do is dig underground to accomplish it. Simple to build, simple to maintain, and safe.

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