Climate sceptic admits 1998 argument ‘easily killed’

Well known climate sceptic Dr Patrick J Michaels, Phd, stood up at the infamous Heartland Institute (which debunks that other great myth, and disagrees that smoking causes lung cancer! 😉 , and stated that the Heartland institute and climate sceptic friends just had to stop pushing the myth that the world has been cooling since 1998 because it is so easily debunked!

Make an argument that you can get killed on and you will kill us all…

If you loose credibility on this issue you lose this issue!

This 8 minute clip is an example of why I subscribe to “Climate Crock of the week” and refer sceptics to it, as it is beautifully produced, and quotes all the latest authoritative data. Too easy!

YouTube – 1998 Revisited.

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