Better Place email: 7:30 report, Frankfurt car show, etc.

It’s been a big week.

Better Place has a stall at the Frankfurt Motor Show – yes that would be the largest auto show in the world – where we’ve unveiled, for the first time ever, the entire EV services platform.

Specifically we’re demonstrating the in-car software and service centre technology that will make it easy for drivers to charge their cars as needed, without placing overwhelming demand on the electricity grid. We’ve also announced a broadening of our ecosystem with signed and sealed vision partners such as Intel and Microsoft. For those tech-types amongst us you can read up on all the finer details in the press release.

It’s the next step in the sustainable transportation solution – and with the Frankfurt Motor Show attracting over 1 million attendees and 15,000 journalists from around the world, we think it’s a pretty good venue to show it off!! If you follow us on Twitter (@btrplc) you may have spotted this already, but The New York Times have just published this great piece: “Better Place Unveils Electric Car Software”.

So while we can’t all get to the big hall in Frankfurt we’ve done our best to bring the action to you. Watch global founder Shai Agassi’s press conference, our Better Place stall video, ‘A Day in the Life with an EV’, along with photos and videos of the Fluence, the Renault EV designed to operate on the Better Place services platform.
Click here to see what all the hype is about!

A little more on the Fluence: after two years of development work, Renault have created the world’s first passenger electric car with a switchable battery, and together we’re committing to producing at least 100,000 of these cars by 2016 for customers in Israel and Denmark. Renault’s Fluence ZE is a fully electric, 5-seat family sedan which proves the comfort, power and space of a stylish family car can go hand-in-hand with respect for the environment. Let’s hope the Australian car industry is taking note: it can be done!

Finally, did you catch The 7.30 Report on Tuesday? There was a fantastic story featuring Better Place on EVs as the future of the car industry, set to tie in with the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Click here to watch!

Cheers, Jess (for the Better Place Australia team)

PS: To go beyond the headlines, we’ve launched our brand new Better Place blog. You might remember hearing about our pilot program with taxis in Japan? Get the inside story from the President of Better Place Japan, and we’re also blogging live from Frankfurt. Just head to to join in the discussion!

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