Bikeshare becomes carshare

Wikipedia is great. I love the way I can revisit the same old article a year later and find it is now updated and even more amazing! I was checking out Velib when discussing bike sharing arrangements with a friend, and noticed a new chapter heading Autolib. Intrigued, I glanced down and read:

Autolib’: electric cars

On a similar basis to the Velib’ scheme, Paris plans to offer around 4,000 small electric cars for the general public’s use, to be stationed at 700 locations.[15] Potential suppliers of the car include the Dassault Group and Bolloré.[15] The former’s Cleanova model shares its body design with the Renault Kangoo van, while the Bolloré Blue Car is the result of a collaboration with Pininfarina.[15] The scheme is planned to come into operation at the end of 2009.[16]

There are also plans to integrate payment for the bike and car hire schemes with the ticketing systems for traditional modes of public transport.[16]

Wow! The one ticketing system will let me catch a train, bus, ferry, tram, Velib bike or Autolib car. That’s transport!

See also:

Also seems to be coming to London!

If they can combine this car-hire system with the Better Place battery swap system, that would be a real winner!

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