New Summary thoughts on “Doomer” page.

New paragraph sums up my “Peakniks, Doomers and Collapse” page, and I also edited the layout a little.

As a species we go the easy route first, and fossil fuels have been incredibly easy. There may be many technical solutions for our energy needs developing at a pace many doomers and apocalyptic outsiders don’t want to imagine. However, as our transport systems begin to electrify through new electric car schemes like “Better Place” I’m both relieved and kind of horrified at the same time. I’m relieved because as our transport schemes electrify we have less chance of the ‘spanner in the works’  scenario leading to disaster. I’m horrified because it seems the suburban expansion is set to continue, and smother over various ecosystem services and create higher demand on resources than the alternative city plans we would have adopted had no oil alternatives arrived. We seem bound to lurch from one crisis to the next over the coming decades, because this is no longer just about weaning off oil but adapting to a whole series of impending resource shortages as we adapt to a planet of 7, then 8, then possibly 9 billion people all wanting to live “western” lives. Yes many technical miracles are on the way, but what damage will we do to this world and ourselves in the meantime? It will be an interesting race between the positive solutions and the negative trajectories. What an interesting time to be alive.

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