Hemp Facts from Braintree

OK, now just remember that there are varieties of Hemp that are not as intoxicating to smoke and won’t get you high!

Now that that’s out the way, I’ll hand you over to Braintree.

Hemp Facts.

Hemp was the world’s largest agricultural crop for over 2,000 years, producing up to 80% of all Man’s textiles and fibres. Hemp cultivation was encouraged by governments worldwide until prohibition in the 1930’s.

Recent environmential studies have resulted in a major change of attitude towards Hemp by many governments. Hemp is a valuable source of clothing, textiles, fuel and food, which can be cultivated without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

By comparison, cotton grown in America currently use in excess of 50% of all chemicals used in agriculture. Hemp’s low environmental impact makes it both the economical and the green choice.

Scientific tests on Hemp cloth have shown that up to 95% of ultra violet rays are repelled, when the cloth is woven in a tight construction, whilst other cloths can only achieve 30 – 90%.

Hemp, when compared to cotton, is softer, warmer in Winter, cooler in Summer, more water absorbent and has three times the tensile strength.

Bamboo is considered nature’s renewable resource. As one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, you can almost “see” it grow.

Bamboo Cotton products are extremely soft, comfortable and cool. Their velvet slip texture and crease-resistant characteristics compliment the natural fibres’ antibiotic and Ultra-Violet(UV) ray protection.

The advantages of Bamboo’s durabilty, elastic resilience and moisture absorption provide an outstanding naturally friendly fabric.

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