Another death to the “healing ministry”

According to the SMH, an 11-year old girl has needlessly died from diabetes. The reason she was not treated? Poor-theology and muddled thinking. This is where vague Charismatic teaching can kill.

Honestly, I thought the church had learned about refusing medication back in the 1980’s when the ‘healing movement’ was responsible for many deaths as documented in “The Healing Epidemic”.

I hope the charges of “second-degree reckless homicide” stick, and that the appeal does not soften the sentence. This needs to provide a warning to the church as to just how dangerous the ‘healing movement’ can be to Christians lacking a basic biblical understanding that we can and will suffer sickness in this fallen world, and that seeking medical help as well as praying are both godly and sensible things to do.

The reason this is such a crime is that there was so much time to figure out this was not going away and it was time to do something! reports:

“Basic medical care would have saved Kara’s life – fluids and insulin,” Marathon County district attorney Jill Falstad  said. “There was plenty of time to save Kara’s life.”

Defence lawyer Gene Linehan said Neumann didn’t realise her daughter was so ill and did all she could do to help, in line with the family’s belief in faith-healing.

“The woman did everything she could to help her,” Mr Linehan said. “That is the injustice in this case.”

Doctors testified that Kara would have shown symptoms for days, if not weeks, before she died.”

Convicted but awaiting sentencing

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2 Responses to Another death to the “healing ministry”

  1. onesalientoversight says:

    I had to register with WordPress. Yech. Well here’s the reply. You just don’t have enough faith Dave. Don’t you realise that it’s all about us? The parents didn’t have enough faith and so their girl died. It wasn’t enough to deny her medical attention, they needed to actively try and make her sicker in order for God to respond in healing.

    So had they deliberately attempted to kill the girl, she would’ve lived because God blesses such faith. As it was, all they did was actively deny her medical attention which, um…

    Anyway, stop using your brain.

  2. eclipsenow says:

    Yep, it’s pretty amazing.

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