Local planning laws need overhaul!

The following illustrate the terrible trouble local governments are having in trying to protect the interests of their residents regarding planning laws.

This 42 minute talk by Melbourne’s Paul Mees explains why Victorian planning is some of the worst in the world.

This paper at Online Opinion explains some of Sydney’s issues. Although I disagree with the article’s overall cynicism regarding everything in the smart growth philosophy, and I am for New Urbanism (and various spin-off’s like Claude Lewenz’s “Village-Towns” as well), I guess criticising ill-considered and arbitrarily plonked down high-rise flats in the name of “densification” hardly qualifies as Smart Growth in the first place!  (Just explaining a silly rant I had in the comments of the Online Opinion thread following the article.)

No wonder our transport and planning issues are such a mess.

I highly recommend the Paul Mees talk, as it could provide some very useful reflection about this important issue in a post-States Australia. I favour the local independence and autonomy of local governments as represented by the American model (or the way Paul summarises it anyway). What do others think?

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