United Nations University has gorgeous new WordPress blog & greenie site

See their article “New Operating System for a Post-peak oil world” which is designed in WordPress.

“This is just not going to happen!” you may be thinking for a variety of reasons. The first is that you probably don’t think that peak oil is anything more than a theory. In which case, it would be a good idea to do your own research.

Second, even if we face an oil availability problem, there is no need to worry because we will find alternatives, we always have. After all, humans found coal to replace wood and then oil to replace coal — so finding something to replace oil with should be easy, right? Again, look into it further.

Third, ok, so you have seen enough evidence to be concerned about peak oil and energy scarcity in general, but you are not convinced about all these new agencies and particularly not about controls on oil prices. That sounds crazy. How would Saudi Arabia, Russia and any other oil-producing nation ever agree to such a thing? What are the other options?

Fourth, you understand the need for all this but don’t believe countries can negotiate something so quickly. For instance, it took five years to negotiate the Kyoto Protocol, with another four or so to fill in the details. Very true. But, what if countries were put in a truly desperate situation with immediate consequences for inaction?

The important point here is that there is a lot of sense behind the general idea of designing a new operating system for energy policy. It is clear, for instance, that greater regional cooperation is going to be essential in design and implementation of large renewable energy schemes that tap solar and wind energy from the best locations and share them with those locations less well placed.

Re-designing institutional structures ahead of time, and pushing nations (albeit uphill) to cooperate and work together seems far less scary, in our view, than the alternative of ignoring the energy scarcity question and therefore, at the same time, the climate challenge. It is always advisable to plan for the worst, even if you do hope for the best.

What do you think?”

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