Safe Climate Australia aims to develop a "master plan"

This appears to be another climate planning think-tank, but unlike many activist groups with a budget to employ professionals of their fields running real world costings. It will be interesting to see what they eventually come up with. As someone sympathetic to the Open Source movement, I’m keen to see what dozens and dozens of volunteers can come up with in the BZE climate plan as opposed to the plan by this paid think tank. We will see.

SCA launch: Business Breakfast for a Safe Climate

Nobel prize-winner Al Gore will be the keynote speaker at Business Breakfast for a Safe Climate on 13 July that will bring together leaders of some of the largest and most influential corporations in Australia, and will contribute towards the engagement of the business community with the speed and scale of the global warming challenge and the mapping solutions for a safe climate.


Al Gore

The event will also raise funds to assist in the establishment of Safe Climate Australia, and support this organization in developing the Safe Climate Transition Plan. Donors will have the capacity to access tax deductibility through the Climate Positive Foundation, which is auspicing Safe Climate Australia. The event will aim to formally strengthen business support for Safe Climate Australia.

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