Zepplin that NEVER needs a refuelling station

1. Catch rainwater and store in ballast tanks
2. Inverts propellers to become wind turbines
3. Split rainwater to make hydrogen
4. Hydrogen inflates airship and acts as fuel for fuel cells

It’s a slow but steady lifestyle for air-artists, alternative travellers, hippies of the air?

“Six hours of wind energy accumulate enough fuel for one hour of flying.”

80km a day? I can’t help thinking what might happen if they added some of the new flexible thin-film solar PV all over the outside.


Low-tech magazine are always entertaining, but also always trying to capture a technology meme and “tame it” for their low-tech ends.

However, the technical potential for airships is awesome. Companies around the world are brainstorming all sorts of solutions.

Yet I have to mention this amazing bankruptcy of the Cargolifer project! Check out the sheer SIZE of this hangar, and yes, that’s 3 people down the bottom there. Click on image to see larger. It’s now a resort called “Tropical Islands” and you have GOT to see what they’ve done to the place!

But utimately, who knows about the future of airlines? If you want to go somewhere, fly sooner rather than later. Airlines may “stall” for a few decades as we adjust to peak oil, prioritise the remaining fuel away from tourism to essential services and construction, and gradually electrify transport. Then the other side of the crisis as wind and solar have grown exponentially, who knows what future airlines might fly on… algae jet fuel? Hydrogen? Or will we go back to the airship and have a more leisurely international air trip of about 4 days from Sydney to London instead of 24 hours? Will we arrive rested and not as jet-lagged? One can only hope for some sanity in this over-busy world. Keep checking the Airship wiki for recent news. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airships#Present-day_research

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