Alex Steffen sums up the USA’s climate bill for me…

I agree with this blogger on so many things, especially climate change, that I’ll just copy his whole post here

U.S. House Acknowledges Planetary Atmosphere!

Though the low targets in the Waxman-Markey climate bill appall me, I’m also finding myself filled with a warm glow at its passage in the House.

I’ve been writing about climate change for two decades, and now, at long last, my country’s leaders have at least done something. Something halting and lame and catastrophically inadequate yes, but something that at least acknowledges the reality that we live on a planet with an atmosphere.

Yes, we need to push on much more strongly. We need to be thinking about how to completely eliminate excess climate emissions from our economy. We need to set the stage for Copenhagen to be the transformative moment is may be shaping up to be, and we need to get President Obama to take that stage and help make history. That’s a monumental job, and then we still have to create a new model of sustainable prosperity and rebuild our entire material civilization to support it.

Some days it’s good to remember that optimism is a political act.

And some days, it’s even fine to just sit and glow and call it a week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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