Cows being bred to produce less methane?

Well, OK, so they are trying to breed cows that burp less methane. But one comment at Slashdot sums up my position so well I’ll just post it:

Responding to the accusation that cow burps are Co2 neutral anyway, this post says:

“Not when they’re fed corn that was shipped, using fossil fuels, halfway across the country to get there. (Let’s not even go into the fact that this corn was produced using artificial fertilizer, derived from petroleum, and sprayed with pesticide–you guessed it, more petroleum. And the fact that the cow itself, after being processed, will be shipped halfway across the country again to reach your dinner plate–fossil fuels.) Also, cows are ruminants: they’re supposed to eat grass. Grass is free, and its energy comes from the sun–not long-dead dinosaurs.

If all farmers farmed more locally and closer to organic practices, cows would be a lot closer to being carbon-neutral.”

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