Yes! Safari finally works with Blogger

All this time I’ve used Firefox (which is great!) to blog, and Safari to do design stuff. (Safari has a better relationship with my drop & drag functions when sourcing images for design projects I’m working on.) Now that Safari works well in both fields, I’m free to both design and blog in one browser.
However, that’s the “normal” print design image sourcing I’m talking about! I’m not a fully fledged web designer yet, not at all! But there are enormously powerful tools in Firefox web developer that I’ll come back to again and again to test websites I’m working on. Firefox is an AMAZING browser, especially as it frees you from the evil clutches of Microsoft trying to lock you into their archaic outmoded monopolistic and pathetic way of doing things. (I believe if you’ve got an opinion about something, you should share it. šŸ˜‰
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