"Lefty" States in USA safer to live in

One must wonder sometimes whether the law-and-order attitude really results in any sort of law and order, after all.

Brendan Ott in Real Clear Politics analyzed FBI statistics to come up with various lists of safest and least-safe cities in the US, with some interesting results that definitely counter the prevailing attitudes about city life here.

Get this: the top five safest cities with more than 500,000 residents are New York, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and El Paso.

Ott goes on to note: “And the U.S.’s least safe city? That distinction goes to Memphis, Tennessee, with a crime rate of 18% per capita, followed by Atlanta (16%), San Antonio (15.2%), Detroit (13.7%) and Milwaukee (13.4%).”

Interesting to note that four of the five least crime-ridden towns are from those terrible, permissive, liberal, elitist blue states (yeah, the same ones that support the bulk of US economic activity and subsidize their grumpier cousins in the so-called heartland).

The three most dangerous are in conservative, religious, anti-everything southern states, and the other two in the northern Midwest.

Could it be that all those feel-good liberal social programs and all that tolerance of diversity and other nasty stuff that tax-and-spend blue-staters indulge in when they can tear themselves away from their overpriced lattes really works, and the gruff bluster of the strongarm right has no real benefit in real life?

Naw, couldn’t be. FBI musta turned liberal. Get me my gun, Bubba; I’m feeling nervous….

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