Seriously fantastic TEDx Talk last night

Hi all,
my good friend Craig Rispin invited me along to TEDx last night, the TED talks for Sydney.

We had 4 hours of thought provoking talks on topics ranging from “What is futurism and can I get a degree in it?” through to improving education, improving business “culture” (from an anthropologist) and my favourite, how to redesign the landscape in which we live.

I know many peakniks and sustainability gurus have been raving about a book, “How to build a village” by Claude Lewenz. If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly urge that you watch his videos at

While others talk and whine about what is wrong with suburbia, Claude will soon be in a SERIOUS position of power able to approach Mayor’s in places south of Sydney, or just outside Cairns in Queensland, and say “I have a billion dollars. Let’s talk about giving me a 10 mile radius area to create a beautiful, car free Village Town that grows its own food!”

I met Claude, and asked him why he doesn’t have at LEAST 30 seconds devoted to his Village Towns solving peak oil & climate change. He said he didn’t motivate people by mentioning “the monster Pogwec!” (Peak Oil, Global Warming, and Economic Collapse). He didn’t want to draw in “eco-village” types that were bound by some sort of ideology. He wanted a mainstream, “ideology free” cause. Rather than a group of eccentric “doomers” he wants to approach Mayors and boldly announce that he has a Billion dollars to spend in their district if the Mayor can give him 500 acres. From their site:

It takes the village to raise the child, but it takes a town to keep local business profitable. After studying more than 250 societies, anthropologist Professor George Murdock of Yale University observed that the ideal neighbourhood size is about 400-600 people, the right size for a village. However, until one gets to 5,000 people a community lacks a critical mass to support many local shops and professions*. Rather than create a homogeneous town of 5,000 to 10,000 persons, it makes more sense to create a town of 10 to 20 villages. A VillageTown of 10,000 people would have 20 villages of about 500 people each. In the town-centre a large market square forms the community hub with the Village Hall, travellers inn, theatre and other grand buildings.

So I strongly recommend visiting

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