Malcolm Turnbull and I agree on one thing…

He seems to like Biochar!
Australian reports:

MALCOLM Turnbull has confirmed that incentives to encourage the use of “biochar” in the fight against climate change will be central to his negotiations with the Rudd Government over its emissions trading scheme.

Speaking to the Asia-Pacific biochar conference on the Gold Coast last night, the Opposition Leader said the technology to store carbon in the soil needed “economic incentives” from government and a diplomatic effort so that it was recognised in any new international climate change deal.

“We will be putting forward this view as we discuss the currently proposed emissions trading scheme with the Government,” Mr Turnbull told the conference.

“There is the challenge that under both the Kyoto protocols and the existing government proposal for an emissions trading scheme, it is not recognised as a method of carbon abatement.

“As international discussions about climate change move forward, we will be vigorously putting the case – and we hope the Government will be vigorously putting the case – that biochar and other biosequestration opportunities need to be recognised as a legitimate avenue for abatement.”

Meanwhile Kevin Rudd was yesterday drawing attention to the budget announcement of a $1.36 billion “solar flagships” program, while touring a coal/solar power station in the Hunter Valley in NSW. The Prime Minister said the Government intended to build the biggest solar generation plant in the world.

But the location of the plant and the allocation of the “solar flagships” program will not be determined until after a competitive application process is concluded.

Mr Rudd also announced that Australia would join the International Renewable Energy Agency.

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