Sarah Palin’s Pastor says Obama is the anti-Christ.

Hi all,
I was interested to read this comment to my old post “Obama is not the anti-Christ”. Listen to the ‘logic’ here.

I can’t express how proud we, the congregation of the Wassila Bible Church, are of our sister in Christ and favorite Mayor of Wassila, Sara Palin. In order to experience and enjoy the centrality of Christ in our congregational life, we have had many conversations here among the true believers about the meaning of the Book of Revelation and what the Bible, as the only inspired inerrant Word of God, authoritative for faith and practice, tells us about Barak Obama.

Is Obama the true Anti-Christ or is he just involved with the Anti-Christ? My question is very easy to answer. Does Obama not pull at the thousands? Does he not appeal to thousands? He has risen from seemingly no where, and yet many look up to him for all the answers because he speaks of world peace and prosperity. Is it possible he could stop the wars in the Middle East when they have been at war since the biblical period? Only the Anti-Christ could pull off something so miraculous. This is what he would have you believe anyway: his miracles. He will not call them that today though, it is too early. He will not claim to be God until the end; he will not claim to do miracles until his followers are completely lost. By then, all but God’s children will have forgotten that he says he is no God and he does not perform miracles. He will create world peace until he believes he has conquered.

I am not surprised so many are desperate to protect Obama, for he will have many followers. He will re-unite all countries, which will be divided into ten parts, thus explaining the ten horns on the beast’s
head, as proscribed in Revelation. The second beast will be his disciple, convincing many of His “Miracles”. Satan will not be in the Anti-Christ until the end but he will talk with him, saying to the man, that he alone is the true God. The Anti-Christ will speak in such a way that he will charm you, but all are lies which will not remain unseen. Revelation speaks about His coming, but in such a way you can not take at face value. You must look beyond the words into their meanings, and you will not see if you do not believe.

All believers know Revelation is some what a riddle and that deciphering is key. You can not go by the words alone. Intellect and rational thought will lead you to the devil! Follow the words of John the Baptist and recognize the truth revealed in Revelation 13:5 that the Anti-Christ will be given a “mouth speaking great things; a charismatic figure and moving speaker.” He is initially seen as a blessing to the world that unites it and brings it out of a period of great economic hardship and war. He will unite the country in a sustained effort to rally industry to embark on new technologies and brave new energy plans. Prosperity will again come to our land; the economy will support rich and poor. All Americans will have a taste of the fruit of the tree of prosperity and it will be sweet and filling and bring us great joy.

He will speak of world peace. A world wide event will bring the nations down (a bigger and more terrible stock market crash will affect the world because so many sinners have their hands in the pot of gold) and He will rise up and create peace between all for three years, more or less. Let it be known that it will end and the Anti-Christ’s true nature will appear. Many will not notice because they will already be lost in their own selfish hearts, counting their gold. They will curse the lord for their wealth and good fortune and turn to the Anti-Christ for guidance because they are blinded by him and unwilling to see the truth.

Many of you who are reading this will laugh at me and call me a fool. You will see these things come to pass and you will know the truth but you will still be lost because you are selfish, unwilling to believe what you cannot see. Many of you laugh now but will begin to believe when it is not too late. I will not try to convince anyone right now to believe because the Lord has a time and place for every one, He will let me know in my heart when it is time to recruit believers. He is in me now, speaking through me, to you, so that you will know what is to come, what you must do, how you must vote, and to tell you not all of you will join Him.

It is only up to you what you believe, but be watchful and remember this warning, and pass it around to your friends and family.

To hear more on this important subject, visit our church in Wassila.

Extending God’s grace to the farthest reaches,

Pastor Larry Kroon
Wassila, AK

My reply to his comment was a little brief, but I didn’t have time to respond in a more ‘academic’ piece.

Hi Pastor Larry,
thanks for posting, but I really disagree with how you are reading Revelation, let alone your political conclusions!

Revelation is NOT a future timeline of future events but a theological statement of ‘generalities’ about life between the ascension of Jesus and the return of the Lord in triumph. It is written in apocalyptic language, and needs each symbol to be understood in the light of the history that was occurring then (persecution of Christians at the hands of the Romans, who wore some really interesting armour and helmets that John describes in some verses), and in the light of general apocalyptic language of ‘bad things’ happening to God’s people.

When understood correctly, it’s a book of comfort to the poor and oppressed because it repeatedly writes about the terrible situation believers can be in, but urges believers to ‘hang in there’ because one day (either in 5 seconds or 5000 years, WE DON’T KNOW!) the Lord will return.

When read your way it’s a confusing timetable to be incorrectly interpreted again and again and again, and a constant source of embarrassment for God’s people. What happened to “The Late Great Planet Earth?” I thought many had said Gorbechev was the anti-Christ, or is that the last Pope, or our own Australian Prime Minister John Howard? 😉

Trying to read Revelation as a timetable is going to frustrate and distract believers, and possibly even side-track them to the point of joining cults like Jonestown or the Branch Davidians.

For more, please read “666 and all that” by my good friends Dr John Dickson and Dr Greg Clarke. It’s a short read, and should only take an afternoon or 2.

Regards and concern,

PS: Look up the use of the word anti-Christ in the bible. According to other verses, ANYONE who denies that Jesus came in the flesh (as the God-man) is an anti-Christ.

Anti-christs are EVERYWHERE! The little old lady down the road who attends lovingly to her roses each Sunday, and then goes to her Bahai temple, she’s an anti-Christ. They are a dime a dozen. It’s sad for them, and heartbreaking for their Christian friends. But there you are… anti-Christ’s everywhere, and they don’t even have to bring peace to the middle east.

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3 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Pastor says Obama is the anti-Christ.

  1. Ron Lankshear says:

    Amazing – but most of what he said was about what Obama might do in the future. The opening re “pull at thousands” would apply to many politicians and film stars etc. Then its all supposition about him solving the Middle East etc etc. None of which he has achieved as yet.

    Now is Pastor Larry the real Wassila pastor? I clicked the blogger profile and could not access.

    I looked at Sermons list at the church

    but nothing sounded like covering this

    I liked your succinct analysis of Revelation

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    Pastor Kroon seems to understand that much of Revelation is symbolic.

    However, yes the blogger profile is anonymous so there is no way to confirm if it IS the actual pastor himself, or someone playing a joke on him. However, it seems consistent with his take on things. The Nation reports:
    “Palin’s presence at Wasilla Bible Church has not been confirmed for the days Kroon warned of God “striking out his hand against… the United States of America” and “rais[ing] up” an alliance of nations to ruin America.”However, at least Pastor Kroon does not appear to be a Zionist as many American last-days Christians appear to be (to the point where some churches have ministries raising money for the secular state of Israel! How does that fit in with gospel ministry? What a side track!) But fortunately, it appears Kroon is not among them… much to the relief of this Real Zionist news interview. *

    Brother Nathanael: “Many evangelicals say that the “144,000 of all the tribes of Israel” as mentioned in the book of Revelations, refers to the Jews who will be “saved” at the end of time. Do you teach this?”

    Pastor Larry Kroon: “The book of Revelations has much imagery that is symbolic and could be understood figuratively. I have no definite answer as to whether the “144,000″ refers to Jews specifically.

    * I quote this blog just to indicate Larry Kroon’s views, but do not indicate support for “brother Nathanael’s” Jewish conspiracy theories… whatever his theories are.

  3. One Salient Oversight says:

    Reminds me of this discussion a few months ago.

    American Christians are so gullible it is incredible. They will believe anything so long as it fits with their preconceptions.

    There’s no respect for history – no memory of the book “88 reasons the rapture will be in 1988”, no memory of labelling every questionable public figure an antichrist, no memory of predictions of East German tanks rolling into Israel, no memory of the “reds under the bed”.

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