A recent rant of mine on the ASPO email list…

For the record, I personally would have everyone walking to work. The would walk past their favourite bookstores, smelling the local coffee shop and waving at their neighbours on a quiet little stroll to their office or farm or local ‘light industry’ job. I’d have every citizen a co-op owner of their own renewable power supply. I’d have every home connected to the internet, every house with their own water tanks and filtration, and local warehouses complete with backup tools, ration packs, medical kits and other “emergency gear” just in case global warming played havoc with their local agriculture that year.

I would drastically cut military spending, and initiate worldwide compulsory vasectomy’s after 2 children. I would slap world heritage listing on ANY remaining old growth forest, and create eco-tourism for the local economy. I would initiate massive solar thermal city building projects and HVDC lines across Asia and from Africa to Europe. I’d employ the likes of Dr Paul Downtown and Richard Register to design ecocities that didn’t require so much energy or materials or embodied energy in the first place.

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