$750 000 think tank says Abolish the States!

The New Democracy group basically grabbed 150 “average Aussies” who found that they pretty much wanted to abolish the State governments!

History of newDemocracy PDF Print E-mail

In 2004, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis founded newDemocracy out of his passion for government and politics.

During his time working in the infrastructure sector in Australia and South East Asia, Luca had the opportunity to work with all tiers of Government. From this, his interest in politics grew.

As a Director of a private company, Luca was regularly targeted by the political parties to contribute to their electoral campaigns and attended political party fundraising lunches and dinners. What became apparent was how similar the parties sounded and how little their policies differed. This blurring of party politics is the motivation behind newDemocracy.

Luca became perplexed by what appeared to be wasteful debate. At a function, in challenging a Parliamentarian that there must be a better way, he was dismissed as if there could not possibly be any.

And so the challenge was set!

On Day Three the participants analysed and synthesised their ideas into a final combined list of 13 through a group prioritisation process. These ideas were collated into themes which included freedom, transparency, innovation and easiest to implement.

In order of priority the recommendations are:

” Reduce duplication between levels of Government by harmonising laws across State boundaries,

” Empower citizens to participate in politics through education

” Accountability regarding political promises and procedure for redress

” Empower citizens to participate in politics through community engagement

” Change the electoral system to Optional Preferential Voting

” Youth engagement in politics

” Recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples in the constitution

” Institute a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

” Extend and fix the term of government

” Open and accessible government

” Remove or reduce State level of Government

” Resurrect the Republic debate and/or a Referendum

” Citizen initiated referenda.
Full 18 page report PDF is here
Executive Summary
Summary in PDF

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