Very funny slashdot on resurrecting Star Trek TV

Hi all,
this thread just cracks me up.

I agree, Patric Stewart would make an EXCELLENT Klingon or other bad guy for the series.

I would rather see Star trek redone with starfleet being the weak guy and getting our asses handed back regularly. Combat with the klingons needs to be “OH CRAP! RUN!” instead of this “I am here to reason with you, can we sit down for tea and crumpets?”

They started the right track with enterprise, but it needs to be far more gritty. More death, A sea of red-shirts flowing out the ship and popping like popcorn whenever a hull breach happens. Kirk getting pissed and launching all 8 photo torpedoes at the single ship and then vowing to exterminate that species for killing ensign Davis. he can even rip his shirt and hyperventilate when he does it… That would be very much like the first season.

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