Peter Newman talk 25th March

Hi all,
if you’re around the State Theatre on Wednesday 25 March, 6.30 to 8.00 pm, a free talk event will be held by the City of Sydney in the State Theatre featuring New York City’s Commissioner of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan and Professor Peter Newman.

Free tickets can be obtained by phoning 136 100 or, taking a bit more time by booking through Ticketmaster

A contact from the ASPO email list shared this 10 minute video on Treehugger interviewing Janette from NYC’s Department of Transport, and I have to say I like these ‘baby setps’ into reclaiming the streets that NYC is experimenting with. Baby steps they remain, and how sustainable NYC itself will be in a post-oil world is anyone’s guess. I think it ultimatley depends on your position on the final ERoEI of renewable energy systems, which I personally think will average out into something we can work with. (Not running business-as-usual, but running something, and I happen to think that something will eventually become quite attractive.)

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