Parallel Village within 2 hours of Sydney?

Hi all,
this is very interesting.

They are planning on building this around the Southern Highlands.

“What is a Parallel Village?

A 5,000 to 10,000 population, self-contained 50-ha. community surrounded by a 150-ha. greenbelt. Built around multiple plazas with cafés, shops, workplaces and artist guilds, no cars permitted within the village walls; with its own local economy, affordable housing, sustainable & beautiful design, it offers a culturally and socially enriched habitat, a fulfilling, wonderful place for all ages and stages of life, where all – home, work, shops, schools, cafés and recreation is within a ten-minute walk.”

It’s about quality of life:

  • A beautiful place to live & work
  • Socially and culturally enriched
  • Human-scaled, no cars within
  • Slow Food, alfresco lifestyle
  • For all ages & stages of life
  • Robust intentionally local economy
  • Intentionally affordable
  • Environmentally balanced

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