Drop IE6 now!

From Slashdot,

Eyvind A. Larre writes “A large and rapidly growing campaign to get users to stop using IE6 is being implemented throughout Europe. ‘Leading the charge is Finn.no, an eBay-like site that is apparently the largest site for buying and selling goods in all of Norway (Finn is Norwegian for “Find”). Earlier this week, Finn.no posted a warning on its web page for visitors running IE 6. The banner, seen at right, urges them to ditch IE 6 and upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.’ The campaign is now spreading like fire on Twitter (#IE6), and starting to become an amazing effort by big Media companies to get rid of IE6! The campaign also hit Wired some hours ago”
They should just use Firefox!
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One Response to Drop IE6 now!

  1. Special says:

    Ah you read Suomi (at least I assume the link is in Finn)

    Stop using IE6 is like saying get off of Windows ME or 98.

    I followed links from

    to marketShare and they still have usage on those OS but for paid users only

    Who knows how many people on Dial Up on old machines with old OS and old browsers. How will the campaign reach them.

    Keep writing code for all users – if you want to reach them.

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