Will blogger always be there?

hi all,
I’m currently studying web-design at Lynda.com and listening to various podcasts all over the net.

Sitepoint has been warning of the dangers of not backing up blogosphere information because various blogging platforms have recently either gone bankrupt or lost their entire database in archiving catastrophies! Years of blogging has literally fizzled out of existence as the electrons rejigged the data into meaningless jumbles. So while blogger might not actually “go bankrupt”, what if they have a data catastrophe?

So I have backed up this blog at wordpress.com, and may even set up a new blog as an add-on domain to my own server. But it would probably only be as a web-design exercise!

Cynical these days

It must be a statement about my own levels of personal cynicism, but I don’t even know how much I’d care if my blog disappeared. I originally set up eclipsenow.org because I couldn’t see enough happening in Australia and around the world to get the peak oil data out there. Since then the ABC has run all manner of documentaries and short stories on it, the Federal government has run various enquiries on it and come to basically the conclusions of this blog, and yet what has changed? I guess the only thing I would care about is if I let this blog slip and someone else stole the url again…. my old eclipsenow.org site has been taken over, and MADE PINK! I dread to think what old campaigning mates must think has happened to my design sense. 😉

I guess the only thing I like about blogging is that it provides a good summary archive of my thoughts on a subject, and I can find information and link to it for friends and people on various forums.

Otherwise, what does another blog do? Blaargh! There are too many excellent blogs on sustainability anyway!

My top 5 would be….






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