Safari V Firefox3

Things I wish Safari could do
1. Work with Blogger the way Firefox3 can. Believe it or not, when you have the Bogger writing window open and you’ve copied a bunch of text and just want to paste it into Blogger…. Safari won’t let you. Nope, it won’t. Crazy hey? And I thought this was Mac?

2. I use LOTS of bookmarks under LOTS of menu’s and sub-menus. I rearrange them a fair bit to. Safari CAN just drop and drag menus on the menu bar left or right across the menu bar. That’s great, because Firefox can’t do that. But Firefox CAN just drop and drag individual bookmarks IN those drop down menus, up and down, just by holding your mouse button down and without clicking on any “bookmark manager” and having to open another window. This is Mac people, we are talking about LESS CLICKS! Safari can’t do that. That bugs me. Why can’t both browsers do both? It makes sense. Not having these little things is like saying that the iPod menu-wheel should go back to being buttons on the dreaded “other” mp3 players.

3. How do I make the actual “Menu buttons” on the Safari bookmark bar look bigger? Increasing the font size only increases the font IN the browser window, but I want to increase the font size of the browser items itself.

Things I wish Firefox could do
1. Work like it has the cookies turned on, because I have checked a bajillion times and they’re turned on! Right now, Firefox 3 can’t keep me logged into forums and yes I have the cookies turned on. I get LOTS of emails each day informing me that someone has replied to a thread I’m in. I expect to just click on the link and get automatically taken straight to the last post in the bulletin board thread, automatically logged in as well.

Firefox 3 does the first, but forgets the logging in bit, and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve had to go back to Safari, even though Safari can’t use blogger!

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