Abortion not the only "issue of life" Christians should vote on

I think this article on the Jim Wallis blog has some great points about how ineffective overturning Roe V Wade would actually be. Voting Republican hasn’t actually done much to stop abortion at all. Remind me how many babies have been murdered under Bush? This summary is a kicker.

As an evangelical who believes life begins before birth, I believe our presumed party alliance has become an abusive relationship. If we as followers of Christ truly believed in the agenda of life, why have we not taken seriously the proven correlation between poverty and increased abortion rates? Why have we not spoken out on supportive health care for women and children? Why have we not cried out about preventative education to minimize unplanned pregnancies that frequently lead to termination? 

And why, oh why, do we not see war, torture, creation care, or the death penalty also as fundamental issues of life?

The question is, will evangelicals expand their understanding of social influences and actually work towards healing the causes, or just wait around to outlaw the symptom?

(Similar arguments about poverty & high abortion here as well).

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One Response to Abortion not the only "issue of life" Christians should vote on

  1. euandus2 says:

    Conservative Republicans are proposing a 10-point checklist gauging proper adherence to core principles of the party. This approach reminds me of Moody’s Fundamentals of Christianity, which began the fundamentalist movement. For more, I recommend http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/the-fundamentals-of-the-gop/

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