Alex Steffen on Hydrogen cars

Alex is one of my heroes as he both “gets” the gravity of peak oil, climate change, toxic buildup, resource depletion, peak soil, fish, climate, trees, metals, and everything… and yet he somehow remains optimistic.

Yet even Alex is not techno-cornucopian when it comes to Hydrogen cars. Commenting on yet another report that Hydrogen cars are going to take a LOT more work, Alex finishes with a paragraph I just had to quote.

Now, the usual caveats apply — namely, that we should keep an open mind to the possibility of breakthroughs in any area of technological development, and we may well end up using some aspects of a whole array of new approaches — but it does seem to me more and more that we might almost postulate a principle of sustainable design, that technologies designed to “swap out” a newly-modified version of an energy or transportation system for its dirtier antecedent are almost invariably not good enough. We need to redesign the systems themselves, not just the technologies that make up those systems.

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