Machine to do a tree’s job? But quicker?

Slashdot | Removing CO2 From the Air Efficiently
Not sure about the economics of this device as compared to other solutions like, umm, planting a tree and growing some useful WOOD or restoring important ecosystem services, but here it is.

“The proposed air capture system differs from existing carbon capture and storage technology … while CCS involves installing equipment at, say, a coal-fired power plant to capture CO2 produced during the coal-burning process, … air capture machines will be able to literally remove the CO2 present in ambient air everywhere. [The team used] … a custom-built tower to capture CO2 directly from the air while requiring less than 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity per tonne of carbon dioxide.”

Don’t forget biochar which also puts Co2 to good effect for us, growing our food and providing some fuel for farmers.

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