Coal to liquids plants expensive

The Diplomat continues with a few other interesting articles… “The New Oils of War” states:

The US DoD has put out a call to industry for the supply of millions of gallons of synthetic fuel suitable for the US Navy. The start-up costs are not cheap. “A single coal-to-liquids plant is going to cost over a billion dollars. A billion dollars per 10,000 barrels of capacity; a commercial plant is viewed as one making at least 30,000 barrels, so we are talking about at least 3 billion dollars. These are much higher capital investments than you see in normal petroleum,” says Bartis, who has been briefing the US House of Representatives on alternative fuels.

Hmm, and Australia uses what… about 800 thousand to a million barrels of oil a day? So that’s 80 billion dollars to build the coal-to-liquids plants… and then we hit ‘peak coal’ even faster and double our liquid fuel Co2 output. Sounds good hey? Great strategy! (Winks)

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