Christians debunk peak oil in 4 minutes

This video contains a thousand megavolts of satire, and is NOT the Christian view of peak oil. 😉

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2 Responses to Christians debunk peak oil in 4 minutes

  1. xxancroft says:

    Where did you come across that!!
    Everything about this was hilariously funny, from the annointing of Jesus with shale oil to the twanging banjo to the deadpan delivery and the occasional grunt from the woman. How could anyone do this with out pissing themselves silly is an absolute miracle.

    Next time they update the good news bible they need look no further than this Appalachian Leonardo

  2. Dave Lankshear says:

    You mean he can be the illustrator? Ha ha!

    You know, I first watched it yesterday, and today it’s sort of grown on me. I think I’ve got to practice my Southern Accent. (I’m terrible at accents, but do an OK Donald Duck. Now what’s that all about?)

    A good friend shared the clip on a Sydney Anglican forum discussion that got a teeny weeny bit heated. (You’d be most welcome at the forum).

    I just resorted to the following argument style over global warming…

    That’s right Kevin, and there’s just so much debate and uncertainty about the physics of Co2 Molecules and everything.

    I mean, it’s not like they can test these things! Oh wait…

    BTW — Do you think Mr Carter was being treated harshly in the example above? Is he being persecuted for spreading bad science, or is he just being ‘peer reviewed’?

    I’m going to start The Moon is Cheese debate! After all, I saw it on this really cool documentary about a guy who went to the moon with his dog, and it was CHEESE! If anyone ‘peer reviews’ me I’m going to recite a litany I keep hearing, “Science is not a consensus! Help help I’m being oppressed!”

    (Edited because my previous jokes lacked any funny, and hopefully there’s now about a gram of funny and a gram of fibre.)

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