One last post before my break… Mercedes ditching petroleum

Slashdot conversation here:

arbitraryaardvark sends in a story a couple of weeks back in Yahoo’s Ecogeek blog, reporting that Mercedes will phase out petroleum-powered cars by 2015 (mirror), and notes: “Story is unconfirmed but well sourced.” “In less than 7 years, Mercedes-Benz plans to ditch petroleum-powered vehicles from its lineup. Focusing on electric, fuel cell, and biofuels, the company is revving up research in alternative fuel sources and efficiency.”

Good luck with that Merc. I almost hope you’re right and I’m wrong. Just don’t push the biofuels too much, we need to eat. Also, don’t forget that half the energy that a car ever uses — and therefore half the CO2 it ever emits — happens as the car is manufactured and the car infrastructure is maintained (roads, carparks, etc. See My other car is a bright green city.) We could solve global warming, peak oil, and many social and economic issues by REZONING our cities around New Urbanism and developing a ‘more European than European’ city plan. But no… we’re addicted to our cars… and will just ignore these other inconvienient facts.

As the article says.

While car models may be able to run on fuels other than gasoline or diesel, we have yet to find a method of both running and producing vehicles entirely free of fossil fuels. I’m waiting for a mainstream car line that creates renewable fuel, clean-running vehicles out of 100% recycled materials in plants run on 100% renewable, clean power … Will I even be alive when that finally happens? I have hope.

Gosh… I could have written that myself!

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2 Responses to One last post before my break… Mercedes ditching petroleum

  1. Ron Lankshear says:

    BBC and Sky this am had T Boone Pickens a US energy investor who is spending millions on alternative fuels campaign. He wants cars to be powered by Natural Gas.

    And Ferrari will have a V12 mybrid

  2. Dave Lankshear says:

    Yeah, saw that on the tail end of ABC lunchtime news. Pickens is a huge oil guy and understands peak oil, but I don’t understand how he missed the fact that North American natural gas has just peaked out as well? (And a lot of their electricity depends on natural gas).

    I still say bring on the trolley buses! It’s the quickest, cheapest way to get off the oil and run transport directly on electricity from wind turbines and solar.

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