Scientific American: Ray Kurzweil, you’re going to die!

Ray Kurzweil has proposed that due to ‘accelerating change’ and progress in computers, nano-tech, medicine and technology generally mean that he could easily live to see such medical cyborg enhancements that allow him to live forever!

This SCIAM podcast has news for Ray. “Ray Kurzweil, you’re days are numbered!” (Download podcast or read transcript here).

One Singular Sensation: Will We Upload Our Brains, and Other Questions Related to “The Coming Singularity” Glenn Zorpette, executive editor of IEEE Spectrum magazine, and journalist John Horgan discuss various ideas related to what some call “the coming singularity,” a point where computers will allegedly attain consciousness and superintelligence. Or not. Plus, we’ll test your knowledge of some recent science in the news. Web sites mentioned on this episode include The Rapture of the Geeks!

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