Debunking doomers

Sharon Astyk knows her peak oil. But she also knows her history and sociology. That’s why I find this response to the Doomer Olduvai Theory so refreshing, and it is EXACTLY where I am. It realises the potential for absolute calamity if we ‘really really work at it’, but also hopes for an easier time getting through the post-oil age. The future will probably fall somewhere in between.

It analyses what might happen if the grid suddenly went down for good. It discusses what we might lose, and what we might surprisingly reinvent and recover. And that’s assuming the Olduvai is correct on the grid going down, just for the sake of the hypothesis! Sharon’s with me and disagrees that the grid will go down… but acknowledges it’s ‘possible’ (if we’re really stupid!)

She probably agrees that we’re heading into a “Greater Depression” or Kunstler’s “discontinuity”. It’s going to be a massive, painful shake up. But I reckon a lot of good can come out of it as well.

Thanks Sharon!

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