Geoff C replies… (Warning: Christian creationism discussion)

Geoff left a nice comment on Craigs blog.

“So… Moses “copied” a pagan myth? No. He rebuked it,”

Well we don’t actually know that it was Moses who wrote it. He may not have, but we still ought call them the books of Moses. Enuma Elish dates about 1000-2000BC, so if Gensis account of creation is a polemic against Enuma, it calls into account who wrote the Torah (at least that part of it anyway).

Concerning water, it is very interesting that water is always a central theme in the other creation accounts (why do we say there is only one?). Job 26:7-14, Job 38:4-11, Psalm 74:12-17, Psalm 89:8-13, Proverbs 8:22-31, Isaiah 51:9-10. God is in control of the water, it is a recurring theme in all the creation accounts.

It seems to me that the Genesis account is a polemic against Enuma Elish creation story, due to the extensive similarities. However, just because it is polemical and poetic doesn’t mean it didn’t happen in 6 days. However I’m not convinced it did happen the way creationists affirm, nor that it had to in order to remain faithful to the scriptures.

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