Just as peakniks said it would be

The 2007-2008 world food price crisis wiki says:

The years 2007–2008 saw dramatic world food price rises, bringing a state of global crisis and causing political and economical instability and social unrest in poor and developed nations.

Systemic causes for the world-wide food price increase continue to be the subject of debate. Initial causes of the late 2006 price spikes included unseasonable droughts in grain producing nations and rising oil prices. Oil prices further heightened the costs of fertilizers, food transport, and industrial agriculture. Other causes may be the increasing use of biofuels in developed countries (see also Food vs fuel),[1] and an increasing demand for a more varied diet (especially meat) across the expanding middle-class populations of Asia.[2][3] These factors, coupled with falling world food stockpiles have all contributed to the dramatic world-wide rise in food prices.[4] Longterm causes remain a topic of debate. These may include structural changes in trade and agricultural production, agricultural price supports and subsidies in developed nations, diversions of food commodities to high input foods and fuel, commodity market speculation, and climate change.

Hang on a minute! Didn’t I publish something to this effect in 2005? Wasn’t my Zadok piece based on studies that have been around for decades? Were the “Limits to Growth” people right after all?

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